Are we missing an event?

The first reason why the event you’re looking for might not be listed is that we don’t know about it, but the most common reason is because the event organisers haven’t yet set a date for their future event. Once  an event has been run, if we don’t have a future date for the next one, the event will be hidden until there is a new date.

During the off-season we look for updated event dates fortnightly, and as we get closer to the season we check weekly.

Have you found an error?

Great! There are over 220 events on our calendar, so keeping up with them all can be a struggle. If you have found an error, please contact us to let us know. Are you an event organiser? See what you can do to manage your events on our calendar, and how to promote your event to get more entries.


Please consult the official event website (the link is on every event listing) for final information before registering, including: event date, locations, swim distances, entry fees and terms & conditions .

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